Muscle and Joint Comfort

Muscle and Joint Comfort

Preserve your muscles and joints

Your muscles and joints are put to severe test during training sessions.

To prevent possible injuries, we offer gels, oils and sprays to prepare your body for the effort or soothe the possible sprains.

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Kamol Massage Cream 100g

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Pain-killing and rubbing cream to soothe muscles and joints. 

Wyeth Sante Familiale

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Puressentiel Joints Roller with 14 Essential Oils 75ml

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Helps to relieve the sensation of pain and stiffness and helps regain flexibility of movement.


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Tiger Balm Red Jar 30ml

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Massage cream for pain relief. 

Baume du Tigre

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Akileine Sports Nok Anti-Chafing Cream 75ml

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Skin-strengthening cream to protect against chafing and irritation.

Akileine Asepta

Gomenol Thermo balm heating relaxing 75ml

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Care specially formulated based Niaouli essential oil for heat, soothe and relax after or before the effort.

Laboratoire du Gomenol

Therm Cool Spray 300ml cold

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Cold spray in case of blows, bruises, shock, elongations, sprains and strains.


Health Prevent Lyprinol 180 capsules

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Lyprinol® regulates, through a totally natural mechanism, ways of synthesis of molecules responsible for...

Health Prevent

Chondro-Aid Ice 3 Gel 100ml

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Gel triple effet froid qui soulage et apaise les douleurs articulaires


215 Product(s)