Silagic Gel MF articular 50ml

SKU: 2067445 Silagic Gel MF articular 50ml


Silagic is a joint surconcentre gel developed in France by laboratories Pharmaviva. Applied by massage on painful areas, Silagic relieves without waiting for joint pain daily.

its unique formula brings together 3 assets highly concentrated for maximum efficiency:

  • Silicon organic monomethyl silanetriol that allows the maintenance of the integrity of the collagen fabric of the human body: skin, muscle, cartilage, skeletal, nails, hair.

  • harpagophytum which is anti-inflammatory.

  • essential oils, 100% pure and natural that soothes and relaxes joints.

Silagic surconcentre gel joint operating tips:

Apply 2-3 times per day gel to affected areas gently massaging until total penetration of the gel.