Nexcare ColdHot Mini 11x12cm 1 unit

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Nexcare has developed a range of thermal hot or cold. cushions to relieve pain naturally.
Nexcare Coldhot Mini is a small and reusable thermal cushion.

The gel it contains is safe and non-toxic.

Natural therapy is done:

- by cryotherapy, that is cold: cold helps to reduce edema, inflammation and pain.
This pillow is used for toothaches, small strains, bruises, to calm nosebleeds, after insect bites or for fever.
- by thermotherapy, that is to say hot: heat helps to decrease pain and reduce muscle spasm, it relaxes and relaxes.

This thermal cushion is used for sinus inflammations, rheumatoid arthritis of the wrist, for warming the hands.

Thus, thanks to the warm and cold, all pain is reduced.


Muscle pain, arthritis, stiff neck and shoulder, headache and migraine, sprains, fever, inflammation.

Directions for use

Before each use, place the cushion in the cover.
Temperature setting:
- cold: keep the cushion flat in the freezer.
Do not use more than 20 minutes at a time.
Wait 20 minutes before renewing the application.
- hot: immerse the cushion for 4 to 5 minutes in water just brought to a boil or heat with Microwave 30 seconds at 640W, after removing the container from the heat source.

Use the cushion as long as it does not generate uncomfortable sensations. Heat the cushion as soon as it is at room temperature.


99% biodegradable gel


One 11cmx12cm gel pouch