Therapearl knee pad with support 35.6 cm x 26.1 cm strap

Compress Therapearl with support strap for relieves knee pain.

Manufacturer: TheraPearl

SKU: 9711079 Therapearl knee pad with strap of peacekeeping 35.6 cm x 26.1 cm


Therapearl is an innovative technology that combines the therapy by the cold and warm through the beads to relieve pain.

The compresses knee Therapearl with support strap contains pearls that will relieve the pain of the knee:

  • arthritis,

  • joint, pain

  • pain before and after exercise,

  • infammation after surgery.

So, this pad reusable and non-toxic goes through warm or cold pain.

Addition, this pad is flexible and malleable at will. It adapts perfectly to your knee.


In case of arthritis, joint pain, pain before and after exercise, inflammation after surgery.

operating tips

Do not open or Pierce.

Do not apply the compress more than 20 minutes. Wait 20 minutes before a new application.

  • cold: 2 hours in freezer.

  • hot: in the microwave. Heating time: 700W - 80 seconds, 1000W-65 seconds, 1250W - 50 seconds.