Thermacare Patch heating Painkiller belt box 4

Self-heating patch effectively relieves pain and the target 8 h of constant heat

Manufacturer: Wyeth Sante Familiale

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SKU: 9832972 Thermacare Patch heating Painkiller belt box 4


patch self-warming format belt Thermacare, positonnable on the lower back, offers and targeted muscle and joint pain relief associated with muscle tension, aches, or osteoarthritis.It is suitable for type chronic or occasional pain.

it is disposable, it does not have drug assets.Easy to use, discrete under clothing, it can be worn throughout your daily activities.


When applied on the skin at the bottom of the back, it broadcasts a constant heat for 8 hours. This heat relaxes the muscles and relieves joint pain.

precautions for use:

Do not use the patch:

  • with creams, gels or oils for aches, or other sources of heat
  • on injured skin
  • in cases of bruises or swelling
  • on parts of the body insensitive to heat
  • on people cannot remove themselves the patch
  • in children less than 12 years.
  • among the people aged 55 and more, wear the patch on a garment and do not use it while you sleep