TheraPearl shoulders Cervicales compress 29.2 cm x 33cm

Beads Therapearl to relieve the pain of the neck shoulders.

Manufacturer: TheraPearl

SKU: 9713049 TheraPearl shoulders Cervicales compress 29.2 cm x 33 cm


Therapearl laboratory has created a new level of relief through the hot or cold therapy.

The compresses Therapearl shoulders Cervicales contains pearls that combienent the power of therapy by hot and cold to instantly and permanently relieve your pain on a daily basis.

This new technology brings flexibility and malleability to the compress and allows adaptation perfect your body.

Thus, this reusable pad relieves stiff neck, neck and at the level of the trapezius pain.

Thanks to this innovative technology, your shoulders are invigorated and painless.


In the case of stiff neck, pain in the shoulders, the Trapeze and neck.

operating tips

Apply the compress for 20 minutes maximum at the level of neck pain.

  • cold therapy: put the pad in the freezer for 2 hours,

  • the hot therapy: put the pad in the microwave during the duration and temperature (for 700W for 60 seconds, 50 seconds 1000W and 1250W for 40 seconds).

Wait 20 minutes before a new application.