Weleda Arnica Massage Oil 200ml

Arnica oil formulated for massage for pre and post muscular exertion.

Manufacturer: Weleda



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The Weleda Arnica Massage Oil 200ml from Weleda is formulated for preparing the body before sporting and activity and relaxing it also afterwards. Before sporting activity: By employing rapid friction in applyign the oil, it helps with the warming up of muscles and limits contractions.

After sporting activity: Use heavy and slow massage movements to accelerate muscle recuperation and prevent the onset of stiffness.

This oil is also recommended for use in general massage:

- To unknot tensions in the case of muscle discomfort in the back or limbs linked to physical effort, stress or a long-term sedentary position.

- To relax the lower back and soothe the skin during pregnancy

- To revitalise the body to create an envelope of pleasant warmth in case of fatigue, prolonged cases of not moving etc.Its 100% rich vegetal oil with medicinal plants.

- Arnica extract to soothe in case of muscular fatigue.

- Organic sunflower oil and olive oil to garantee optimal smoothness for massage. 

- Rosemary and lavander essential oils to strengthen toning and relaxing effects. 


Arnica oil formulated for massage for pre and post muscular exertion.

Recommended Use:

In order to help the product absorb into the skin, it is important to apply small quantities after bathing while the skin is still slightly damp (after lightly taking off the majority of the moisture with a sponge, for example). Apply only the amount of oil that the skin can absorb. A few drops of the oil in the palm of the hand should be enough and rubbing it between the hands and massaging it onto the skin to ensure it absorbs. Applied in this way, the oil leaves a very fine film on the skin leaving it smooth and silky without a greasy effect. 

Specially formulated for massage, the Arnica massage oil guarantees an excellent smooth effect on your skin. It is indicated in particular for relaxing muscles that can be stiffened by stress or even a sedentary lifestyle. 

Suitable for massaging the skin for sport purposes.


Organic sunflower oil, Organic olive oil, Essential oils including True lavender and Rosemary, Arnica flower extract, Birch leaf extract.


1 bottle 200ml.