Therm Cool Gel 100ml Painkiller

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Therm Cool Gel Painkiller is used in case of spasms, strains, sprains, bruises, elongations, strains, trauma, osteoarthritis, arthritis...He quickly relieves pain, limits the diffusion of edema and promotes relaxation and muscle recovery.

This gel triple action is effective against pain:-traumatic-muscle and joint-arthritic and arthritis

The action by the cold is pleasant and relieves immediately.


Fitsadults and children from 7 years old a.Paraben - not fat - don't glue not - does not stain.

Directions for use:

Use this 3-4 times a day gel on painful areas.Massage lightly, without getting the product.

After use, wash your hands.


Hessential uiles of peppermint, Rosemary, of cajeput, thyme, Menthol, camphor, Green Clay, horsetail and Harpagophytum.


100ml tube.