Dolpic balm heating 100ml

Balm heating for muscles with natural chilli extract.

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SKU: 5158243 Dolpic balm heating 100ml

Properties Dolpic heating balm:

Cold, as the capsaicin extracted from chilli, momentarily mobilizes the nocicecepteurs which are sensors transmitting messages of pain and heat. capsaicin, will first create a feeling of warmth very intense (sought athletes). Then it would seem that successive and frequent capsaicin applications inhibit these receptors by saturating them, what would induce an analgesic effect Very developed in anglo-saxon countries, capsaicin creams are acting with the extract of pepper on the arthritis type pain and muscle etc.

Dolpic balm heating operating tips:

drop a tiny knob of baume Dolpic in the Palm of your hand spread it in you slightly rubbing hands.

Apply the balm on the desired parts massage so as to penetrate the baume.

conservation Dolpic heating balm:

Is good for 12 months after opening.