Weleda Arnica Sport 200ml Shower Gel

The Arnica d sport shower gele Weleda is specially formulated for muscle recovery.

Manufacturer: Weleda

SKU: 6526200 Weleda Arnica Sport 200ml Shower Gel


The Weleda laboratory offers a range of treatments 100% natural and authentic. Weleda Arnica Gel shower Sport is a product especially designed for athletes to promote muscle recovery and prevent the onset of muscle soreness.

Herbal arnica flower, the natural virtues of muscle appeasement are recognized, this shower gel sport Weleda brings you energy and natural vitality after a sporting effort.


Shower gel, muscle recovery, back ache, all skin types.

Operating tips

Apply daily after physical activity, rinse with clear water.


water, organic alcohol, glutamates of coconut oil and sugar esters, glycerin, fragrance, xanthan, organic arnica flower extract, lactic acid, citric acid, vitamin E, lecithin, esters of fatty acids, esters of palmitate vitamin C and essential oils, hydrogenated fatty acids.