Oil of Weleda Arnica 50 ml Massage
Oil of Weleda Arnica 50 ml Massage
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Oil of Weleda Arnica 50 ml Massage

Manufacturer: Weleda

Preparation and muscle recovery
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Oil of Weleda Arnica 50 ml Massage


Preparation and muscle recovery. This massage oil was specially formulated to facilitate the preparation and muscle recovery.

Before sport activity: fast friction, it supports the warm-up and limits muscle contractions.

After the sporting activity: massages more and slow, it accelerates muscle recovery and prevents the onset of muscle soreness.

It is also recommended in massages:


to resolve tensions and in the event of muscle gene in the back and the members related to physical exertion, stress, a sedentary lifestyle...

-to relieve lower back and relax the skin during pregnancy,

-to revitalize the body and recreate a healing heat in case of nervousness, fatigue, prolonged... immobilization envelope

a 100% vegetable formula rich in medicinal plants:

-arnica extract relieves muscle tired.

-Biological quality olive and sunflower oils ensure a gliding during massages.

-Essential oils of lavender and Rosemary to the aromatic scent reinforce its invigorating and relaxing effects.

operating tips:

to facilitate its penetration into the skin, it is good to apply it in small amounts after the shower or the bath, still slightly damp skin (after will be stamped with a towel). We apply only the amount of oil that the skin can absorb. A few drops in the Palm of a hand: it rubs both palms against the other and is distributed on the skin by massaging to get.

Applied in this way, oil leaves that a very thin protective film on the skin, it smooth and satin, no effect 'fat'.

Specially formulated for the massage, the Massage oil with Arnica offers excellent glide. It is particularly suitable to relax the muscles contracted by the effort or stiffened by stress and a sedentary lifestyle.

It is ideal for sports massages.


quality organic sunflower oil, oil olive organic quality, essential oils including lavender true and Rosemary, arnica flower extract, Birch leaf extract.