Pharm Up Spray cold Mint 400ml

cold Mint spray to relieve pain.

Manufacturer: Pharm Up

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SKU: 8511034 Pharm Up Spray cold Mint 400 ml


Offers laboratory Pharm Up Spray cold Mint.

This cold spray Mint allows you to relieve when bruises, hematomas, stretching, dislocations, tendonitis...

Indeed, Instant cold released by the bomb delays the edema, reduces the risk of bleeding and limit swelling thanks to cold vasoconstriction.

From the first spray, the pain is relieved and soothed.

Pharm Up Spray cold Mint operating tips:

Shake the aerosol before use.

Apply the spray by spraying of 3 seconds by fast scanning and a minimum distance of 15cm from the skin by avoiding icing.

In case of icing, stop spraying immediately.


Do not swallow.

Extremely flammable.

Keep out of reach of children.