Therapearl back compress with 43.2 cm x 17.1 cm waist belt

Compress to relieve back pain through the hot or cold therapy.

Manufacturer: TheraPearl

SKU: 9711139 Therapearl back pad with belt of peacekeeping 43.2 cm x 17.1 cm


Therapearl back is a new degree of relief to relieve the back pain through therapy by hot or cold.

Reusable and non-toxic compress Therapearl contains pearls that how the power of the hot and the foird to effectively relieve:

  • upper, or lower back pain

  • lumbar, pain

  • sciatica,

  • a menstrual pain.

Thus, this innovative technology brings flexibility and malleability to the pad so that it fits perfectly to her back.


For the upper or lower back pain, lumbar pain, sciatica, menstrual pain.

operating tips

Cold therapy: put the pad in the freezer at least 2 hours.

Warm therapy: put the pad in the microwave for the duration and the indicated temperatures (65 seconds for 700w, 55 seconds for 1000W and 1250W 45 seconds).

The application shall not exceed 20 minutes.