Arthrodont Protect toothpaste fluoride Gel 75ml

Treatment of gingivitis and its complications.
Manufacturer: Pierre Fabre Oral Care


SKU 4791317 Arthrodont Protect toothpaste 75ml


Treatment of gingivitis and its complications.

Formulated of enoxolone, from molecule recognized for its decongestant and analgesic licorice root, used in daily brushing, enables a rapid decongestion of the gums and a decrease in pain and bleeding during brushing.
Allows a rapid return to a normal brushing.


Carbonate of calcium, glycerol, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium alginate, carraghenates, sodium silicate, peppermint essential oil, essential oil of anise, levomentol, saccharin, formaldehyde, eugenol, raspberry aroma, purified water.

operating tips:

at the first sign of inflammation, is used in daily brushing 3 times per day.

warnings and precautions for use:

This product is a drug, read carefully the notice.
do not use in children under 3 years, or in patients allergic to any of the constituents.

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