Arthrodont Protect toothpaste Gel fluorinated Lot of 2 x 75ml

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Gel toothpaste fluoride for the protection of the gums and teeth.

Manufacturer: Arthrodont

SKU: 9871015 Arthrodont Protect Gel toothpaste fluoride lot 2x75ml


Brushing prevents caries but also to keep the gums healthy.

Toothpaste Arthrodont Protect contributes to the care of the gums. Indeed, the gums are often irritated or weakened. This fluorine toothpaste gel participates in the improvement of the status of the gingiva and favours the comfort of brushing. In addition, it brings the dose of fluoride required to protect from the acid attacks causing caries.

It contains:

  • of enoxolone known for its decongestant properties and soothing,

  • of the florinol which attaches to the email to strengthen teeth.

Thus, this toothpaste helps protect teeth against cavities and prevent problems of gums, gingivitis and bleeding.

Arthrodont Protect operating tips:

Brush your teeth daily after every meal with Arthrodont Protect toothpaste. Dentists recommend daily brushing for 2 minutes.


When using in children less than 6 years, use an amount of toothpaste about the size of a pea under the supervision of an adult to minimize ingestion.

Do not swallow.

This toothpaste is a product of hygiene and care recommended for persons whose gums are vulnerable, including pregnant women.



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