Weleda Gel toothpaste plant Lot of 2 x 75ml

SKU: 2561926 Weleda Gel toothpaste plant 75 ml 2pcs


Promotes the reduction of gingival sensitivity. Rich in medicinal plants and essential oils incorporated into a very soft silicic acid gel, this toothpaste ensures effective cleaning while preserving the tooth enamel, and promotes the removal of dental plaque. Medicinal plant extracts, selected for their actions on the sensitive gums, preserve the natural balance of the oral flora: extracts of myrrh and Chamomile, soothing and softening virtues, promote tissue resistance and reduction of gingival sensitivity, ratanhia root extract, with astringent properties, lifts the gum tissue. The combined with natural essential oils, plant extracts provide a pleasant feeling of freshness.

operating tips:

The quality of brushing is essential to good oral hygiene. Well made, it is essential to remove plaque and Tartar, responsible for the formation of caries and gingival inflammation. It also allows to stimulate the gums, teeth living substrate. For optimal effectiveness, brushing the teeth must be carried out for 2-3 minutes after each meal, always going the gingiva to the tooth. It is best to avoid hard brushes, which hurt the gums and bare collars. A brush must be well rinsed after use and stored so as to dry to prevent the growth of bacteria. It is good to change every 3 months: as soon as his hair curl, it loses its effectiveness.


Glycerin, water, silicic acid, sodium Alginate, Chamomile flower extract, ratanhia root extract, extract resin of myrrh, alcohol essential oils (including fennel and Peppermint), Aesculine.