Weleda Dynamic Sea Buckthorn Oil 100 ml

Revitalises and regenerates the skin. 

Manufacturer: Weleda



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Weleda Dynamic Sea Buckthorn Oil 100ml revitalises and regenerates. This body oil regenerates and protects the skin, thus preserving its vitality.

Its natural formula stimulates the vital functions of the epidermis and promotes the restoration of the protective hydrolipidic film. 

The precious oil of sea buckthorn berries harvested in Tuscany is full of vitamins and essential fatty acids that support skin regeneration.


Oil for the body. For dry skin. 

Directions for use

  • To facilitate absorption, it is advisable to apply the massage oil in small quantities after showering or bathing, on slightly damp skin.

  • A few drops in the palm of your hand will suffice.
  • Rub the two palms together and spread over the skin and massage to incite aborption.
  • It is specially formulated for massaging sensitive skin
  • Calendula massage oil is suitable for adults as well as children. 


Sesame oil, Sea Buckthorn berry seed oils rich in essential fatty acids, Sea Buckthorn berry pulp oil rich in provitamin A (beta-carotene) and vitamin E, Essential oils including mandarin, grapefruit and orange.


1 x 100ml bottle.