Visiomed Bewell Connect Mini Wireless Surveillance Camera

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Mini camera to keep an eye on baby, day and night.

Manufacturer: Visiomed

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Visiomed Bewell Connect Mini Surveillance Camera Wifi allows to offer autonomy to his relatives. (children, elderly or sick...)

Very discreet, compact and running wireless, it can be taken anywhere.This miniature camera thanks to its built-in wifi router: this technology allows to keep an eye on the piece directly from the smartphone or tablet.

  • effective within a radius of 100 meters.
  • image viewed directly with sound
  • infra-red lens to see at night.
  • capture mode: to take pictures and record videos

The image is of quality; with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels.Its battery life is 4 hours.


For home security camera.

Directions for use:

The camera works wirelessly in places isolated without WIFI networkPractical, it can be taken everywhere: on vacation, camping, with friends...


1 camera+ 1 USB cable+ 1 package insert.