Vichy Thermal Water Spray 150ml

the water thermal de Vichy soothes sensitive skin.

Manufacturer: Vichy

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SKU: 7174298 Vichy water Thermal Spray 150ml


The water thermal de Vichy soothes sensitive skin. The Vichy thermal water is recognized in medicine to promote cellular exchanges and stimulate the body's defenses. In dermatology. the Vichy thermal water is also used to increase skin tolerance and calm irritation. Naturally rich in mineral salts and trace elements, the Vichy thermal water: decongests and reduces redness, soothes sensitive skin, strengthens the natural protection of the skin.


Naturally rich in 17 mineral salts and 13 trace minerals (Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc), the Vichy thermal water holds one of the highest concentration of mineral salts and trace elements in France (5.1 g/l), recognized for their soothing, antioxidant and anti-free radical qualities.

intake (mg/l):

Bicarbonate: 4776.3. Chlorides: 357.0. Potassium: 99.6. Fluorine: 8.8. Sodium: 1860.0. Calcium: 150.6. Magnesium: 12.3. Iron: 1.0

operating tips:

After spraying, leave a few moments, then gently dry by blotting with a tissue or a clean towel. The thermal de Vichy water maybe used: morning and evening to complete the cleansing of sensitive skin. Several times a day to refresh and soothe the skin.