Vegebom SOS Balm 7.5g

SKU: 3341000


Based on the philosophy of phytotherapy, the Vegebom SOS Balm helps the body and skin to rebuild. Rich in plant extracts and essential oils, it effectively relieves many generel aches and pains on a daily basis. Ideal for massaging muscles and joints to relieve related sport, stress, and age-related pain.

Vegebom SOS Balm is essential to have in your first aid kits; it provides quick, safe and comforting relief for the whole family (from 6 years old).


Relieving balm to soothe all the family's daily aches and pains.

Recommended Use:

Gently massage into skin 2 to 4 times per day on the sore area of skin. Due to the presence of terpenes in essential oils, do not use on children under 7 years or for epileptics.

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  • Eucalyptol, Menthol, Camphor and Melaleuca create a stimulating effect that cleans and purifies sore areas.
  • Matricaria and Bay Leaf, Nutmeg and Cedar essential oils soothe and repair dry and damaged skin.