Haut-Ségala Aleppo Soap 20% Laurel Berry Oil 200g

Bar of SOAP for the hygiene of the skin and hair.

Manufacturer: Haut Ségala



SKU: LCS_1402041


Top-Ségala the care of elsewhere SOAP of Aleppo 20% oil of berries of Laurier is a product for personal hygiene.

It nourishes and it softens the skin.This treatment can be used:

-in shampoo-as a mask for the face-shaving foam.

Its texture is smooth and generous. It offers ease of use.The skin is cleansed, hydrated and deliciously fragrant.


Bar of SOAP for personal hygiene.Suitable for all skin types.

Directions for use:

Use daily in the shower.Rub the SOAP into wet handsMassage all over the body to boost the product.Finally, rinse with clear water.


Olea europaea, laurus nobilis, sodium hydroxide, aqua.


200g bread.