Haut-Ségala Les Soins d'Ailleurs Rhassoul 200g

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Top-Ségala the care of elsewhere Rhassoul is natural clay of the Morocco.

Rhassoul is a mineral Sun-dried and sieved to a very fine powder.It is as well used for the body, for the cfheveux or the face.It cleans the skin and hair in depth by absorbing the excess oil.

The skin is soft; It is moisturized and protected permanently.


Natural clay from Morocco for the face, body and hair.

Directions for use:

Face mask:Mix a bit of rhassoul with warm water until you have a paste.Apply in a thick layer on the face (avoiding the eyes) and leave for 15 minutes.Rinse with warm water.

Hair care:Mix a bit of rhassoul with water in order to get a slightly liquid paste.Apply directly on wet hair.Let stand about 15 minutes.Rinse with a mild shampoo to Rhassoul database for complete care.


100% natural clay of the Morocco.


Jar of 200g.