The Aroma Spray Clean Air counter Sanitizer Orange cinnamon 200ml

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The counter Aroma Air Pur Spray Assainissant Orange cinnamon can improve the habitat.

It is formula based organic essential oils:

  • lemon
  • sweet orange
  • Tangerine
  • cloves
  • cinnamon.

This spray is effective against bacteria, fungi, and yeasts.It pleasantly fragrant inside the House, it brings a fresh and fruity olfactive note.


Essential oils 100% pure, organic.Without fragrance, paraben, no coloring.

Directions for use:

3 sprays upward into space to clean up (15 m²) to renew two times a day.Spray the carpets and beddings 20 times on the surface of 1 m at a distance of 30 cm. Leave 4 h and aspire after.Is not for children under 3 years old, to pregnant or nursing women.


69.95% (m/m) Ethanol (case 64-17-5), 0.05% (m/m) (case 106-24-1) Geraniol, TP2: disinfectant not intended for direct application on human beings humans or animals, TP18: Acaricide.


200ml spray bottle.