Spinbrush Truly Radiant 2 brush heads

Spare heads for toothbrushes battery Spinbrush Truly Radiant deep cleaning

Manufacturer: Spinbrush

SKU: 0009776

Spinbrush Truly Radiant 2 T Tes De Brossage


Dentists recommend changing your toothbrush battery brush head every three months.

Each package contains two spare SpinbrushMC Truly RadiantMC cleaning heads in depth to bristles elongated, which allow to thoroughly clean the hard to reach places, for a clean that you can both see and feel.

To remove the old brush head, turn it in the opposite direction clockwise 90 degrees and remove handle.

Slide the new head and turn it in the direction of clockwise 90 degrees, until the arrows are aligned.

Spare heads are compatible with all models of SpinbrushMC Truly RadiantMC and Pro toothbrushes for adults.

For a smile even more white and sparkling clean, use them with toothpaste ARM & HAMMERMC Truly RadiantMC whitens and strengthens email.

directions for use:

Remember to replace your brush head after three (3) months of use or if the brush is damaged or parts loose.

A prolonged use, loose parts or excessive wear can cause breakage of the brush head, the loss of small parts and a possible choking hazard.

Check if the brush has loose parts before use.


2 brush heads