Schwarzkopf Professional BC Hair Activator Shampoo 250 ml


SKU 8724018


The range "Hair Activator" is aimed at thinning hair. It slows down hair loss and improves capillary density. Thus, it strengthens fragile and brittle hair.

BC Hair Activator Shampoo is an enhancing shampoo made of L-carnitine tartrate, Taurine and Echinacea, that allow to stimulate hair growth.

After 6 weeks, hair loss is reduced and capillary density is improved thanks fo the frequent use of the shampoo. This improvement is made possible thanks to the nutrients full of energy brought to the hair bulb.

Your hair is nourished in-depth, regains volume, density and flexibility.


Schwarzkopf Professional BC Hair Activator Shampoo 250 ml is the shampoo you need in order to give more life to your hair.

For more than 110 years, Schwarzkopf has been offering various hair care products suitable for all hair types.

This laboratory values are innovation, reliability, quality and expertise.

Directions for use:

Use Hair Activator on a daily basis.

Apply a hazel nut of shampoo in your hair after wetting it, in the shower or bath. Then slowly massage the whole hair. To finish, rinse your hear abundantly with water.


L-carnitine tartrate, Taurine and Echinacea.


1 Bottle of Hair Activator Shampoo 250 ml.