Weleda toothpaste 75ml Saline

Prevents scale formation

Manufacturer: Weleda



SKU: 6351568 Weleda toothpaste 75 ml Saline


Prevents the formation of tartar.

A strange taste for unique toothpaste, salty taste. At base of fine crystals of sea salt, it stimulates salivary secretion, which makes a natural self-cleaning of the teeth and gums, while firming the tissues.

Also containing natural sodium bicarbonate, it helps neutralize acid attacks responsible for the formation of caries and guarantees protection against the formation of tartar. A resin of myrrh extract, soothing and antiseptic properties, is on the process of awareness of the oral cavity. A ratanhia root extract, the astringent virtues, strengthens the gums. And India chestnut bark extract associated to the aesculine complete wisely these actions through the antiseptic tannins it contains.

Natural essential oils, associated with the taste of this toothpaste, provide a feeling of lasting freshness.

operating tips:

the quality of brushing is essential to good oral hygiene. Well made, it is essential to remove plaque and Tartar, responsible for the formation of caries and gingival inflammation. It also helps to stimulate the gums, teeth living substrate.

For optimal efficiency, brushing the teeth must be carried out for 2-3 minutes after each meal, always going the gingiva to the tooth. It is best to avoid hard brushes, which hurt the gums and bare collars. A brush must be well rinsed after use and stored so as to dry to prevent the growth of bacteria. It is good to change every 3 months: as soon as his hair curl, it loses its effectiveness.


sodium Bicarbonate, water, glycerin, essential oils (including anise). Silicic acid, Apple juice, flour from seed of guar gum, sea salt, extract from resin of myrrh, root extract ratanhia, bark extract Brown of India, Aesculine, extracted from the ashes of Arum maculatum (in high dilution), alcohol, oil jojoba.