Weleda oil dynamic to the Sea buckthorn 100 ml

SKU: 7684148 Weleda oil dynamic to the Sea buckthorn 100 ml


Revitalizes and regenerates. Real intensive care, this body oil regenerates and protects the skin, thus preserving its vitality. Its natural formula stimulates the vital functions of the skin and promotes restoration of the protective hydrolipidic film. The precious oil of Sea-buckthorn berries harvested in Tuscany is full of vitamins and essential fatty acids. supporting skin regeneration. Sesame oil light and nourishing ideally complete this action. Its fresh and fruity fragrance from Mandarin, orange and grapefruit essential oils, provides an immediate feeling of well-being and has a toning effect. Used in daily care or massage, Dynamising seabuckthorn oil helps the skin to naturally keep vitality, softness and flexibility. Its orange colour is due to the presence of provitamin A (beta-carotene) in Sea buckthorn pulp.

operating tips:

To facilitate its penetration into the skin, it is good to apply it in small amounts after the shower or the bath, still slightly damp skin (after will be stamped with a towel). We apply only the amount of oil that the skin can absorb. A few drops in the Palm of a hand: it rubs both palms against the other and is distributed on the skin by massaging to get (focusing more on the drier areas). Applied in this way, oil leaves that a very thin protective film on the skin, it smooth and satin. no effect of 'fat'.


Sesame oil, oils from seed of Sea buckthorn Berry rich in essential fatty acids, oil of pulp of Sea buckthorn Berry rich in provitamin A (beta-carotene) and vitamin E, essential oils including Mandarin, grapefruit and orange.