Weleda men shaving 75ml cream


SKU: 6289119 Weleda shaving 75 ml cream


Prepares sensitive skin. In contact with water, Weleda shaving cream forms a thin and creamy foam that prepares the hair for the passage of the blade, for an effective shave that attacking the skin. Thanks to extracts of wild Pansy, goat and sweet almond milk, it protects the sensitive and limited the fire of the Shaver. Weleda shaving cream to be used preferably with a Badger.


First moisten your skin with a reasonably hot water to soften the hair and rid the skin of impurities. Apply a bit of cream shaving Weleda on the skin, then moisten and lather with a Badger. For a creamier foam, you can put the cream in the center of the Badger and the lather gently against the hand. You will make soak, beforehand, the Badger seconds in warm water. Don't forget to drain it before applying shaving cream. Make a first pass with the blade in the direction of the hair's growth. Before shaving, check the direction of your hair growth. Shave you slowly, with short gestures and frequently clean the Shaver. Never iron on the same surface of skin without having again coated it shaving cream. Return of Weleda shaving cream. Repeat a passage with the blade, gentle, in the opposite direction of the hair's growth. Never shave in the opposite direction of the direction of forcing. You promote not only the occurrence of ingrown hairs, but you can also cut you or irritate the skin. Wash with cold or lukewarm water.


Water based SOAP stearin plant of oil of olive and coconut, glycerin, magnesium Sulfate, essential oils including Laos benzoin resin, extracted from wild Pansy, extract of sweet almond, milk, sodium, alcohol Silicate.