Weleda Massage lactation 50ml oil

Massage oil for breastfeeding in all serenity.

Manufacturer: Weleda

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SKU: 4791205 Weleda Massage lactation 50 ml oil

indications: massage Oil for breastfeeding in all serenity. Revitalizes the lymphatic circulation and blood. Stimulates the exchanges necessary for lactation.

Better than any other, breast milk, small miracle of life, is perfectly suited to the needs of the infant. self-massage of the breasts is a beneficial practice to preserve the beauty and health of the bust. During breastfeeding, it revitalizes the lymphatic and blood circulation, relieves in case of sore breasts and facilitates drainage of milk.

Therefore, Weleda has created this massage with essential oils of fennel oil, black cumin (caraway) and marjoram, traditionally used to promote breastfeeding. Designed to relax and warm chest, breastfeeding Massage oil stimulates the exchanges necessary for lactation. A base of sweet almond oil, it nourishes and protects the skin thin and delicate bust.

operating tips: self-massage of the breast during breastfeeding is part of the massage program designed by Valrie Supper, midwife, and Weleda, to reinvigorate the lymphatic and blood circulation in the chest.

Addition to the daily gestures of effleurage and drainage specific gestures, intended to promote the ejection of milk and relieve congested breasts: simple gestures, with a few drops of oil of Massage breastfeeding, that one warms his hands before applying on the breasts.

Daily massage

effleurage: it allows an approach gentle, gradual breast. imagine breast like a wave, on which we will surf with his hand. Apply a few drops of oil of Massage lactation (warmed in the Palm of the hand) full hand slowly upward from the base of the breast to the clavicle and the base of the neck (alternate right hand to the left breast and vice versa). The gesture includes the areoles. Ensure to evenly distribute the oil on the skin.

relaunching the lymphatic system: to reduce mammary tension and promote the elimination of toxins while stimulating the circulation of the lymph place the fingertips on the sternum, well in the centre and at the height of the nipples.

drain lymph place a good hand flat under the breast and draw the symbol of infinity (a coated 8) encompassing the 2 breasts, massaging also around both breasts. This exercise is especially beneficial in the case of painful congestive tits.

prevent breast engorgement the breast during breastfeeding engorgement is due to stagnation of liquids, especially the lymph, which when it can no longer move, creates an inflammation that compresses the ducts. Thus, the breast engorgement prevents the flow of milk. The breasts are swollen, hard and painful. To prevent this phenomenon, here are a few simple gestures to perform regularly in addition to the above daily massages:

move arms and legs (by reels, e.g. movements.) take alternate hot and cold showers for a vasoconstrictor effect then vasodilator which restarts the flow of breast fluids.

Relieve engorgement nervous tension due to stress, fatigue, emotions and the modification of the pace of life after the arrival of baby, can lead to engorgement of breasts. To enable the flow of milk, the young mother must learn to relax: deep breathing, listen to music, take a bath with relaxing bath with lavender, and carry out massages adapted with breastfeeding Massage oil.

These massages are done in two steps:

area massage: make circular movements around the areola (around the nipple) which allow relax to facilitate the flow of milk.

the milk ejection reflex stimulation: the tip of the fingers, "pinch" the nipple at the base out to spontaneous outpouring of milk. As soon as the milk gushes, put the baby to the breast.

promote drainage of milk drainage facilitates the emptying of the breast if the ducts are blocked. It is practiced before or after feeding, Palm at the base of the breast, the thumb and other fingers making circles on the full and stretched the breast area. The movement of the massage guide the flow of milk.

composition: sweet almond oil, essential oils.