Weleda man balm after shave 100ml


SKU: 7244248 Weleda balm after shave s 100 ml


Protects and soothes. Moisturizing * and protective balm after shave soothes skin attacked by shaving. Extracts of Chamomile and myrrh, calming and astringent, virtues soothe razor fire by providing a pleasant sensation of softness. Rich in aloe vera, this balm moisturizes and refreshes the skin after shaving. Fluid texture, it also contains jojoba oil and shea butter nourish the skin to prevent dryness. Formulated for daily use, this fresh and discrete natural fragrance balm helps the skin to regain flexibility and comfort. * upper layers of the epidermis.


Water, alcohol, oil jojoba, glycerin, aloe vera Gel, Shea butter, fatty acid Esters, extract of Chamomile, myrrh tincture, SOAP of beeswax, clay, Carraghenates, essential oils including oils of lemon and Sage.