Weleda cream Sani-feet 75ml


SKU: 7088966 Weleda cream Sani-feet 75 ml


relaxes and refreshes. They transport us and support us... Our feet, often put to the test, need special care. Sweating, itching, calluses are frequent phenomena, which can prevent or relieve with plant extracts and essential oils. Enriched myrrh extract and natural essential oils, the cream Sani-feet WELEDA, non-greasy, orange-scented, soothes, softens and refreshes the feet. Very effective in case of sweating or itching, the Sani-foot cream slows bacterial development respecting natural removal of the skin functions.

operating tips:

The cream Sani-feet Weleda is used daily to relax, soften and refresh feet by preventing any inconvenience associated with sweating. In the case of very dry feet, with especially beginners cracks at the level of the heels, regularly apply cream to medicinal plants after the shower or bath.


Water, alcohol, oil, lanolin, clay, essential oils including oils of sweet orange and lavender, tincture of myrrh, hydrolyzed beeswax, beeswax, extract of calendula SOAP.