Weleda bath tonic to the Rosemary 200 ml

SKU: 2139509 Weleda bath tonic to the Rosemary 200 ml


Tone and energy. The essential oil of Rosemary, genuine concentrate solar heat, is a powerful tonic. Stimulating vital trade, it enhances the vitality, helps the body to better regulate its heat and dispel feelings of fatigue. Therefore, invigorating Rosemary bath is ideal to revitalize and restore tone. Taken preferably in the morning, it allows to recharge his batteries and stimulate energy for the whole day, particularly in the event of alarm clock difficult.


Pour 2 to 4 plugs of gasoline of bath in the tub already filled and stir a few seconds (do not put this product too soon in the water because it is rich in volatile essential oil). Invigorating Rosemary bath can also be used in the shower, at the rate of a few drops on a wet washcloth, but also in bath (in the case of cold feet) or friction, from bottom to top, on tired legs. Non-foaming, can be taken in a hot tub. After the bath, extend the toning action of the bath with Rosemary and nourish the skin while recreating a protective heat wrap by applying the Massage oil to the Weleda Arnica. To take full advantage of the benefits of balneotherapy at home, just to know a few simple rules on the art of the bath.


Water, Rosemary essential oil, olive oil-based SOAP.