Weleda bath revitalising in the tree 200 ml


SKU: 2139541 Weleda bath revitalising in the tree 200 ml indications: The bath revitalising FIR is a beneficial treatment for the body and mind. As pure forest air, the invigorating scent of FIR essential oils provide a feeling of peace, strength and fullness. The aromatic properties of essential oils of FIR, facilitating the release of the respiratory tract, are a product of choice throughout the winter. operating tips: Pour 2 to 4 plugs of gasoline of bath in the tub already filled and stir a few seconds (do not put this product too soon in the water because it is rich in volatile essential oil). Conditioner with FIR bath can also be used in the shower, at the rate of a few drops on a wet washcloth, but also in foot bath. Non-foaming, can be taken in a hot tub. Composition: Water, toilet SOAP based on olive oil, essential oils of silver fir and Siberian fir.