Weleda bath of mouth to the myrrh 50 ml

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SKU: 4471707 Weleda bath of mouth to the myrrh 50 ml


Purifies and refreshes. Rich in essential oils and extracts of myrrh and ratanhia (clove, lavender, peppermint, Sage), this highly concentrated mouth bath freshens breath, purifies the oral cavity and stimulates the vitality of the gums. It s "uses diluted in bath using a jet, or mouth after brushing teeth or at any time of the day.


advice d ' use:


Dilute a few drops of bath of mouth to myrrh in a glass of water. To rinse the mouth using the mixture keeping a few seconds in the mouth. It can also be used non diluted in very local application on the gums of the tip of a cotton swab.


Alcohol, water, extracted resin from myrrh, ratanhia root extract, essential oils (including clove, lavender, peppermint, Sage). Substances in high potencies (Aesculus cortex, Fluorite, Kieserite, Argentum nitricum).

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H. Danny
  the 04/10/2019
5/ 5
A. Anonymous
  the 16/01/2019
5/ 5
I strongly recommend this product. I have used it for years & find it very good for strengthening gums.