Weleda bath enlivening at Citrus 200 ml

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SKU: 6495296 Weleda bath enlivening at Citrus 200 ml


Freshness and good mood. This bath with essential oils of citrus (lemon and orange), fruity and summer fragrances, stimulates the dynamism and banish fatigue and gloom, while waking the epidermis. Beneficial for the body and mind, this bath can be taken at any time of the day. It allows to regain freshness and tone after a hot summer day, or even to refuel in a good mood during the cold season, after a rainy and dreary day.


Pour 2 to 4 plugs of gasoline of bath in the tub already filled and stir a few seconds (do not put this product too soon in the water because it is rich in volatile essential oil). Invigorating Citrus bath can also be used in the shower, at the rate of a few drops on a wet washcloth, but also in foot bath. Non-foaming, can be taken in a hot tub. After the bath, extend the invigorating action of the citrus bath and nourish the skin to preserve from drying out by applying the invigorating Citrus oil, oil dynamic in Sea buckthorn or milk energizing to the Weleda Sea buckthorn. To take full advantage of the benefits of balneotherapy at home, just to know a few simple rules on the art of the bath.


Water, essential oils of citrus (lemon, orange...), SOAP based on olive oil.

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G. Linda
  the 20/12/2019
5/ 5
I have just started using this product but love the lemon fresh smell