WaterPik Sensonic x 3 interdental brush heads

interdental brush head to reach deep between teeth plaque.
Manufacturer: Waterpik
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SKU 5017346 WaterPik heads of interdental brush Sensonic x 3


Waterpik has developed for you the Head of brush interdental Sensonic specially designed to reach deep between teeth plaque.

Indeed, this brush has a tip pointed the soft bristles and rounded ends to complete brushing. This allows to clean up problem areas between the teeth. In addition, dental plaque is removed smoothly on the teeth and gums.

Your teeth and your gums are specific and are not assaulted.

Tips for using Waterpik interdental brush head:

This brush head should be:

  • Complete Care WP-900,

  • Sensonic Professional SR-3000,

  • Sensonic Professional SR-1000.

Replace the brush head every 3 months for best results.

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