Vitry Men Care Pocket nail clippers

nail clippers pocket for men to take care of his nails of feet and hands.

Manufacturer: Vitry

SKU: 9289333 Vitry Men Care Pocket nail clippers

The nail is a metal tool, posing as a cutter, which allows to cut the nails easily.


Vitry laboratory has developed a range of products aimed at men.

Thus, the nail of Pocket Vitry Men Care is intended for care of the nails of men. Indeed, l nails Cup made part of hygiene of the nail care.

This black couple-nails stainless steel so lets take care of his nails.

the nail grows forward, continuously: the growth of the nail n e never stops .

Therefore, the nail will make it possible to cut the distal end of the body of the nail (the white part). Can also be the file regularly, which promotes the growth of the nail.

Vitry Men Care nail clippers Pocket operating tips:

regularly use the Clippers.

Cut the tip of the nail (the white part) avoid cutting too close to the skin or too ras.

Otherwise, lesions or diseases annoying as an ingrown (part of the nail that grows in tissues that surround the nail) may appear.