Vitry 10 cm stainless steel nail clippers

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Clipper nail manicure, by VITRY, in stainless steel, measures 10 cm.

Manufacturer: Vitry

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SKU: 6354348 Vitry 10 cm stainless steel nail clippers

description: to meet all the expectations of consumers have good tools for manicure, Vitry, manufacturer since 1795, has created a whole line of tweezers, scissors, and everything about the pedicure and hygiene areas. This brand develops high quality pedicure tools both at the level of its technical characteristics, as their look. operating tips To avoid ingrown nails, cut your nails to the square and then round off the corners with a file VITRY. If your clamp seems "tight", put a drop of oil in its articulation. Precautions for use Do not leave this manicure tool within reach of children.