Vitaflor Bio 250ml Birch SAP

SAP of birch Vitaflor Bio helps regain energy and vitality.

Manufacturer: Vitaflor Bio

SKU: 9513020 Vitaflor Bio 250ml Birch SAP


Vitaflor Bio laboratories have developed the SAP of birch. Its virtues are recognized for millennia by the Scandinavian peoples. traditionally consumed in the spring, it helps to activate the functions of elimination of the body due to its detoxifying properties. Thus purified, the body finds energy and vitality.

Vitaflorbio SAP of birch operating tips:

every morning, eat 25ml of Vitaflor Bio Birch SAP, either a plug dispenser for 10 days. Birch SAP can be drunk pure or diluted in a glass of water or fruit juices.