Vicks VapoPads mint box 7

VapoPads compatible with humiduficateurs and broadcasters Vicks vapor.

Manufacturer: Vicks

SKU: 6770085 Vicks VapoPads mint box of 7


heat releases soothing menthol vapours of VapoPads and released in the air. Each tablet contains essential oils for comfort during the night. Seven refills of mentholated tablets per package. Up to eight hours of comfort by tablet. Suitable for the baby more than 4, 5kg.

indications of Vicks VapoPads Mint:

compatible with:

  • VH5000E Vicks
  • Vicks VH3900E
  • Vicks VH1700E
  • Vicks VH1700JUV
  • Vicks V-5200SE
  • Vicks V-1300