Vichy Deodorant ball treatment anti-fingerprint 48H ball 50ml

SKU: 5384376 Vichy Deodorant ball treatment antimark 48: 50ml


The Vichy laboratory offers the antiperspirant treatment.

Indeed, this ball deodorant without alcohol and paraben to deal effectively with perspiration. It is thus suitable for all even the most sensitive skin. It regulates sweating during 48H.

In addition, texture provides freshness and softness to your skin without white nor sensations of discomfort. It thus leaves on the skin a soft and powdery film to touch, no sticky effect. It is guaranteed without white marks on the skin and on clothing.

How to use Vichy treatment Anti-Transpirant:

Use regularly under the armpits clean and dry.


Hypoallergenic, alcohol-free and paraben deodorant.