VEA Spray dry 100ml oil

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dry oil spray to promote the protective function of the skin barrier.

Manufacturer: VEA

SKU: 7925623 VEA Spray dry 100 ml oil


Vea Spray is a dry oil spray containing the vitamin E pure, in the form of oil of vea, fogger for action:

  • preventive,

  • protective,

  • soothing,

  • restorative,

  • emollient,

  • antioxidant.

This dry oil spray protects sensitive, fragile or atrophied skin. In fact, it promotes the prevention of stretch marks and bedsores. Skin damage associated with climate or chemical factors are reduced. Thus, skin is moisturized and the cutaneous barrier is restored.

This oil is also recommended for protection of hair and the body before and/or after sun exposure and before shampoo.

, Its texture allows an optimal distribution of the product on a small and large skin surface.

Vea Spray oil dryer operating tips:

Spray a small amount of oil in the Palm of your hand. Then, lightly massaging the areas to be treated until the absorption of the product.

Can also be applied directly on the areas to be treated if they are sensitive or irritated.


Spray fragrance-free, no preservative, no dye and non-comedogenic.

This bottle contains no propellant.

Made in Italy.



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P. Barbara
  the 02/09/2017
5/ 5
wonderful body spray, dries very quickly and leaves the skin super soft