VEA Oris Oral for mouth 20 ml Spray

oral spray enriched with vitamin E for welfare and daily hygiene of the mouth.

Manufacturer: VEA

SKU: 4781224

VEA Oris Spray Oral for mouth 20 ml


Vea Oris is an oral spray for mouth indicated in the case of sensitive mucosa.

This oral spray is enriched with vitamin E to bring welfare to the mouth and for daily hygiene of the mouth.

Thus, this spray offers an action:

  • antioxidant,

  • regenerating,

  • protective mucosal safely.

Indeed, its formula tested gluten-free and without nickel or essential oils is particularly suited and recommended for allergy sufferers, with hyperreactivity of the mucous membranes or prone to the idiosyncrasy.

Vea Oris operating tips:

Daily spray a small amount of oral spray directly on the tongue and mucous membranes mouth.


Spray without aroma, colourings, preservatives, oils or alcohol.

Produces hypoallergenic, formulated to minimize the risk of allergies.

Do not keep out of reach of children.

Made in Italy.