Vea Olio Vea Base Oil 20ml

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Oil based of 100% pure vitamin E to strengthen the skin barrier and soothe itching.

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Vea Olio Vea Base Oil 20ml

Properties :

Vea Olio is an oil composed of 100% pure vitamin E, recommended in skin irritations.

It is suitable for the sensitive skin of infants, children and adults.

This oil is indicated in cases of intense, chronic, recurrent dryness of normal, irritated, fragile or reactive skin. 

Indeed, this oil will :

  • relieve and protect chapped, cracked or sore skin,
  • soothe itching due to insect bites or light burns,
  • protect cracked nipples during breastfeeding,
  • strengthen the skin barrier,
  • soothe and soften pruritus,
  • slow down skin ageing.

The skin is thus protected and moisturised.

In addition, the texture of this oil gives the skin a delicate sensation of comfort and well-being.


Indications for use: 
Non-comedogenic product, without perfume, preservatives and colouring agents.

Directions for use

How to use Vea Olio :
Apply a small amount of product to the area to be treated and massage gently until completely absorbed.
Repeat twice a day.
This oil can be used over a long period of time and as a cosmetic treatment.


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A. Anonymous
  the 20/03/2016
5/ 5
rich oil that stops itching skin.