Vea Lipogel Lipophilic Gel 50ml
Vea Lipogel Lipophilic Gel 50ml
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Vea Lipogel Lipophilic Gel 50ml

Manufacturer: VEA

lipophilic vea oil gel to soothe itching and skin scars.
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Vea Lipogel Gel lipophilic 50ml


Vea Lipogel is a non-comedogenic lipophilic gel indicated for the prevention of dehydration and irritation of the skin of the face and body.

This gel is thus recommended for daily use in case of dry skin intense, chronic or recurrent skin.

Indeed, Vea Lipogel will:

  • protect fine and sensitive,

  • mitigate early skin aging

  • ,
  • restore and protect the skin, barrier

  • calm and soothe the pruritus.

This gel is no emollient, moisturizing, anti free radicals, restful and usable on normal, dry, sensitive or irritated skin.

Skin comfort is restored immediately.

Vea Lipogel operating tips:

Apply gel 2 times per day on the areas to be treated by light circular massage until complete penetration of the gel.


This product is not indicated to the subjects sensitive to ingredients.

Fragrance-free, preservative-free and without dye.

Keep away from children.