UrgoStrips 10 strips 100 x 6 mm

Strips for adhesive skin Sutures UrgoStrip

Manufacturer: Urgo

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SKU: 6382853 Urgostrips 10 strips 100 x 6 mm

Sutures skin Adhesives UrgoStrip possible various uses:

  • in reconstructive surgery: mastectomy, scar in post-operative recovery.
  • in Dermatologic Surgery: removal of skin tumours (Naevi...).
  • in emergency: fast and efficient from the banks of the wound approximation.
  • to reinforce the sutures by son.

characteristics product:

  • pre-cut strips laid flat on protector silicone with cutouts House.
  • support non-woven polyester, airy fiber.
  • acrylic adhesive mass of high cutaneous tolerance.
  • ethylene oxide sterilization.
  • support microporous aeration prevents any maceration.
  • high tensile.
  • strong adhesiveness over time without risk of slipping and respect for different skin types.
  • double tab grip for the respect of the aseptic gesture.
  • easy, easy and aesthetic healing.