Urgo Patch hot aches stiff neck lumbago 2 patches

Urgo patch heating relieves and relaxes, comfortable patches

Manufacturer: Urgo



SKU: 4598773 Urgo patch heating - body aches stiff neck lumbago joint pain - 2 patches

Properties Urgo heating patch

from the contact with the air, the natural components of Urgo patch heating (active coal and iron powder) react and release 8 hours of pleasant, constant and soothing heat. Used to the skin, the patch heating URGO broadcasts its heat in depth for an optimized well-being.

Specific patch adhesive heating URGO guarantees 8 hours of resistance while ensuring easy removal and painless. it can be used for muscle pain (aches, stiff neck and back pain) as well as for joint pains (geoux, elbows, shoulders...).

Box 2 patches (13 x 9.5 cm).

Tips for using Urgo heating patch

From the opening of the bag, apply Patch URGO on the painful area. In contact with air, the heat process is triggered and the patch gradually reached its optimum temperature.