Urgo Filmogel Cracked Hands 3.25ml

SKU: 6208055 Urgo Filmogel crevices hands 3.25 ml bottle

Description: liquid dressing ready to employment that fits all sizes of cracks (hands) and all their locations, to appease and the heal. Composition: naturally rich in vitamin E wheat germ Oil promoting healing. Nitrocellulose polymer forming film. castor Oil, filler plasticizer. Ethanol, solvent in order to put the film into solution. . ethyl Acetate Indications : Application located on the crevasse optimal Penetration of the product thanks to its liquid Formation of a flexible transparent protective film (semi-Occlusive) in contact with the air, maintenance of the crevice in damp surroundings thanks to this film. so formed film protects the crevasse of the aggressions, avoids the reopening of the crevasse, relieves pain , promotes healing. governing use : drop and spread the film-forming using the spatula to fill to evenly cover the crevasse (hands), regardless of its location and its surface. let it dry for a few seconds. Proceed in the same way for other crevices. Renew application 2-3 times a day until healing complete. many close after use. If necessary, the product can be removed, just reapply a drop on the film already formed, and immediately wipe off with dry gauze.