Urgo Filmogel Dressing for Chapped Hands 3.25ml


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Urgo Filmogel Dressing for Chapped Hands 3.25ml is adapted to all shapes and types of cracks in the hand, to help soothe and heal. Chapped skin occurs especially during the winter months when the humidity level drops and the hands subsequently become extremely dry, making the skin more fragile and less flexible.


Indicated for those with chapped hands. 

Directions for use

Cover broken skin with a thin layer of the dressing. Then, put a wet bandage over the ointment and cover that with a dry bandage. The bandage will help your skin absorb the treatment and stay moist. Ask your doctor to show you how to wrap your skin. Avoid dressings if you already have a skin infection. Reapply 2-3 times a day.


Wheat germ oil naturally rich in vitamin E promoting healing.Nitrocellulose,  Polymer forming the film. Ricin oil, plasticizer excipient. Ethanol, solvent to put the film in solution. Acétate ethyl.


Dressing 3.25ml.