Urgo Filmogel canker sores 6ml

Suitable for all small wounds of the oral mucosa

Manufacturer: Urgo



SKU: 9808927 Urgodermyl Filmogel canker sores (6 ml)


Urgodermyl canker sores, thanks to its unique film-forming formula:

  • protects payroll, especially during meals, food and saliva insulation.
  • relieves pain quickly and durably.
  • promotes healing.

It is suitable for all small wounds of the oral mucosa (canker sores, minor wounds related to the devices or dentures...) and is easily applied regardless of location.


Wipe one side of the spatula on the rim of the bottle. Apply the remaining amount using the tip of the spatula to well cover the canker sore or lesion. Let dry about ten seconds then close your mouth: a visible film is formed. Apply as often as necessary, up to 4 times per day, preferably before meals.


derived cellulose, mineral acid, carboxylic acids, alcohol, water, flavour.