Urgo Filmogel buttons pen 2ml

Urgo filmogel accelerates the disappearance of button.
Manufacturer: Urgo
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SKU 6455575 Urgo buttons pen 2ml Filmogel


Thanks to this pen Urgo Filmogel buttons, the disappearance of the button is accelerated. It allows hygenic and localized treatment with its disposable applicator, the right amount of product is issued ansi. Its purifying action facilitates the disappearance of the imperfections of the face. This purifying solution does not irritate the skin and make-up.

composition Filmogel buttons:

  • Salicylic acid
  • Essential tea tree oil

operating tips:

Through the applicator issued disposable the quantity required for the treatment of button.

This product applies after a day or prior to a loose powder, cream at makeup.

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